Red Devil Alumni Spotlight | Joe Maloney '02

Red Devil Alumni Spotlight | Joe Maloney '02

As we continue with the Alumni Spotlight project we sit down with Dickinson football alumnus, Joe Maloney, class of 2002. Joe, who was recently named to the position of Vice President of Public Affairs of the Washington Football Team, talks in-depth about the community Dickinson provided and still provides him to this day.

Joe grew up in western Massachusetts in a town called Holyoke, which is where he fell in love with the sport of football. "Friday nights were spent watching the local high school football team play," Joe said. "I have a lot of fond memories of making a lot of trouble underneath the bleachers and watching a little of the game. But I think that planted a seed for my love of football."

By the time Joe had reached eighth grade he felt that soccer had passed him by and he decided to make the move to football. Joe began his career as a tight end, learning quickly that he had to work every single down whether or not the ball was coming to him. Joe took from that a very important lesson that still serves him well to this day, "it was that team mentality, everyone on a football field has to do their job and there is literally no play off."

When it came time to select a college, after a search that included Franklin & Marshall and Johns Hopkins, Joe zeroed in on Dickinson. It helped that Joe's brother was a lacrosse player for the Red Devils but after a meeting with then Head Football Coach Darwin Breaux, Joe knew this was where he wanted to spend his next four years. "He [Coach Breaux] just took the time to take me down to the field house, walk me around Biddle, see the weight room and the locker room and walk around the field," Joe stated. "He just spoke to me about himself and how much the players mean to him, how much the coaching staff means to him, and I felt like he was building a culture. I felt like he was someone building a community of support that was going to prepare the student-athletes for their next step."

Joe felt the support of that community over his four years and beyond, making life-long friends that still have an impact on him to this day. "The best way I can describe it is I had four teammates participate in my wedding," Joe said. "I have been a part of a number of teammates' weddings and I have attended birthday parties for the children of teammates. Again, what Coach Quattrone, Coach Breaux, and others created was the reminder that you are part of something bigger and that what you are doing is really special on the field and off the field."

Now in a prominent role with the Washington Football Team Joe pulls back on his liberal arts education as well as time in a Red Devil football uniform and how those lessons have prepared him for this opportunity. "I am a big believer in a liberal arts education, I truly believe it grounded me at an important time in my life and set me forward in a really meaningful way," Joe said. "Today is an opportunity to get better and that is a growth mindset."

When Joe reflects back on his time in the Red, he tells people that he was fulfilling and continuing a legacy that was something above and beyond himself. It became his responsibility to continue to represent something in as powerful a manner as you can. This is a lesson he impresses upon this current generation of Dickinson Red Devils, so that they can continue to preach it to the players that come after them and continue to build the community he became a part of all those years ago.  

To view Joe's interview in its entirety, click on the video below.