Student-Athlete Profile | Daniel Bathon '22

Photo by Matt O'Haren
Photo by Matt O'Haren

Today's student-athlete spotlight looks at junior wide receiver Daniel Bathon (Malvern, Pa./Bishop Shanahan). In his first two seasons he has become one of the primary targets of the Red Devil passing game. He was third on the team in 2019, making 22 receptions for 278 yards. He pulled in a touchdown to help the Red Devils open the season with a big road win over Washington & Lee and had at least one catch in all but one game last season. He played a big role with a strong outing with four catches, covering 58 yards in the Conestoga Wagon victory over rival Franklin & Marshall. He talks about why he chose Dickinson and what he misses most about not being on campus and not being able to play this fall.

  • What made you come to Dickinson? 

I made the decision to come to Dickinson because of the competitive blend of athletics and academics. When I visited, I could tell there was an atmosphere to the school unlike any others that I had visited. Dickinson felt like a real community.

  • What have you enjoyed most about being a Dickinson Red Devil? What have you missed most?

Since Dickinson is a smaller school, there is a unique opportunity to develop very close relationships with many different people from all over the world. I would say that is both my favorite part of being a Red Devil and what I miss the most being away from campus.

  • What do you miss most about not being able to play your season? 

What I've missed the most about not having this past fall season was not having rivalry games. Those games are what I have found to be one of the best parts about being a Red Devil.

  • What advice do you have for incoming students (or other students in general) about remote learning and/or how you are training? 

My advice to incoming students would be to continue to work hard both academically and athletically. Whatever the circumstances, we can always find a way to get better and prepare for the next time we are all practicing or playing a game together.

  • Why are you Dickinson Proud? Why do you think more generations of student-athletes should come to Dickinson?

I am Dickinson Proud because I know the work that goes into being a student-athlete at this school, and the alumni are always looking out for the next generations of students to help with the transition from Dickinson to their next step in life.