Student-Athlete Profile | Brigitte Gutpelet '21

Red Devil shortstop Brigitte Gutpelet reaches back to make a throw to first base
Photo by Chris Knight

Today's student-athlete profile turns to softball and features standout shortstop Brigitte Gutpelet '21. As part of an outstanding recruiting class, Brigitte made an immediate impact on the program and played a key role in leading the Red Devils to a Centennial Conference Championship in 2019.

She was off to another great start in the spring of 2020, earning All-Conference honors in her first two seasons and already began to make her mark in the record books. She has been equally impressive in the classroom, being named to the Centennial Conference Academic Honor Roll and a 2019 Easton/National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-American Scholar-Athlete.

Holding a remarkable .330 career batting average, Brigitte ranks in the program's top 10 in both slugging and on-base percentage, and triples. She ranks in the top-10 for single season doubles, triples, stolen bases and assists.

Brigitte shares how she made her decision to come to Dickinson, how she has adjusted to remote learning and what she misses most about being on campus.

  • What made you come to Dickinson?  I came to Dickinson because I wanted to go to a smaller school where I could receive a great education while still playing competitive softball. Every visit I went on, the staff and students were so friendly, and I knew it was the right fit for me! 
  • What have you enjoyed most about being a Dickinson Red Devil? What I have enjoyed most about being a Dickinson Red Devil is the community support. Whether it be a different team on campus, a club, or professors, I think it is so awesome to see familiar faces in the crowd at a game or even staying up to date with how our team is doing. 
  • What do you miss most about not being able to play your season? Last spring, the softball season ended abruptly. I miss being with my team more than anything and I hope we get a chance to be together this spring! 
  • What do you miss most about not being at school/on campus? The thing I miss most about not being on campus are in-person interactions. I loved seeing familiar faces on the way to class, meeting new people in different courses, and getting to know my professors, all of which are very difficult to accomplish virtually.  
  • How have you adjusted to remote learning? I think the adjustment I made that helped me most with remote learning was to just have a better attitude than I did last spring. I know the professors are trying their best, so I try to treat classes and work just as if we were on campus.  
  1. Has it been easy or difficult? It has definitely not been easy to do remote learning. Some days when I have multiple classes and lab, I am sitting on my computer all day and am lucky if I even make it outside. At school, the walk in between classes was at least a little break. It has also been very challenging to stay focused and on top of work, which are both difficulties I have heard other students and professors express as well. 
  1. Are there any advantages you have experienced? My professors record our Zoom meetings daily, so one advantage would be reviewing for an exam or paper. If I do not catch every detail of a lecture, or zone out for a minute, I can easily go back and watch again.  
  • What advice do you have for incoming students (or other students in general) about remote learning and/or how you are training? I would say just try and maintain a positive attitude. The circumstances are definitely not ideal and it is super easy to get frustrated about remote learning, but having a negative attitude along with it makes the situation much worse. Try to treat courses just as if we were on campus, get into a routine, and definitely stay active and get outside because sitting all day at a computer can be draining.   
  • Have you/How have you been able to keep in contact with your classmates/friends/teammates during this time away from campus? It has definitely been difficult to keep in contact with everyone I would have talked to if we were on campus. Through Zoom and group messages, my teammates and friends have been able to communicate and stay in each other's lives, although some of us have not seen each other since March. I think it is important to stay connected and up to date with each other so that when we do finally see each other in person, it feels back to normal.  
  • Why are you Dickinson Proud? Why do you think more generations of student-athletes should come to Dickinson?  I am proud to be a student-athlete at Dickinson because it is a community that embodies competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and support for one another. I think more generations of student-athletes should come to Dickinson because they will receive a great education while playing the sport they love at a competitive level, and they will become a part of a great community of fellow student-athletes, coaches, and staff.