Student-Athlete Profile | Claudia Maira '21

Student-Athlete Profile | Claudia Maira '21

As we continue our student-athlete profile series we caught up with women's basketball senior Claudia Maira '21. She came to Dickinson from Clinton, N.J. after graduating from North Hunterdon High School but now currently resides in Georgia. Since the pandemic she has take advantage of a great opportunity to shadow as a physician's assistant at the ENT Institute and recently received some exciting news that she has been accepted into the PA Program at Augusta University.

She has played a significant role for the Red Devils since her rookie season and has started every game for the past two years. Claudia has shown outstanding leadership throughout her career helping the Red Devils advance to the semifinals of the Centennial Conference playoffs last season. She was a key playmaker during the 2019-20 season, leading the team in assists and steals, and reaching the century mark in rebounds with 107. Her 86 assists last winter ranked her second in the conference while placing among the conference leaders in steals and assist to turnover ratio.  

Claudia talks about her decision to become a Red Devil and how the pandemic has shaped her experience as a student and athlete over the past few months.

• What made you come to Dickinson?

Once I stepped foot on campus, I knew Dickinson was the right school for me. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is so welcoming and warm. An important factor to me was the relationship students have with their professors. I knew Dickinson would give me the opportunity to get to know my professors very well since the class sizes are relatively small. I fell in love with Dickinson right away, and when I met my teammates and watched a practice I definitely knew I made the right choice. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at home.

• What have you enjoyed most about being a Dickinson Red Devil?

There are so many things I have enjoyed while being a Dickinson Red Devil but I would have to say being on DCWB is my favorite part. Playing basketball at Dickinson has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have grown as a player, and more importantly as a person, by being on this team. Every day I learn something meaningful from my teammates. They are all my best friends and push me to be the best person I can be. Each practice, lift, workout, and game has shaped me into a leader and has taught me respect, perseverance, character, and accountability to name a few.

• What are you doing to keep busy?

During the pandemic I had the opportunity to shadow a physician assistant at the ENT Institute. This experience was amazing because I was able to learn and observe several practices, techniques, and skills from a PA, which is what I plan on pursuing after I graduate from Dickinson. I have also spent a lot of quality time with my family. We live in Georgia where the weather is beautiful, so we were able to go swimming, bike riding, and hiking a lot! When I'm not spending time with family or doing schoolwork I am usually working out. My team has been doing basketball workouts over zoom together which has been a fun way to stay in shape and stay competitive with my teammates.

• What do you miss most about not being able to play your season?

What I miss most about not being able to play my season is seeing my teammates every day and being able to compete and grow with them. My team is like my second family and I love spending time with them during basketball and outside of basketball. They constantly push me to be better. I really miss being on the court with them competing against other teams.

• What kinds of things are you doing to train and stay in shape?

I have been going to the gym to train and stay in shape. I love lifting, and I also run and use the water rower to keep up with cardio. I have been doing basketball workouts over zoom with my team, and I also play on my own and with my little sister.

• What do you miss most about not being at school/on campus?

What I miss most while not being on campus is definitely my friends and basketball. I miss seeing my friends in class, in the 'caf', and just around campus. I work in the athletic training room at Dickinson, so I always got to see my friends on other sport teams throughout the day too. I also miss playing basketball so much. I have been playing on my own at home, but it's not the same as being with my team and practicing with them.

• How have you adjusted to remote learning?

The adjustment to remote learning has been difficult, but I have developed a new routine/schedule to help me through the change. For me, it is harder to learn online and be at my computer all day, so I make sure to take study breaks throughout the day. The pandemic and remote learning made me realize I love being outside and spending time with my family.

• What advice do you have for incoming students (or other students in general) about remote learning and/or how you are training?

Some advice I would give to incoming students is to always give everything over 100% no matter what you're doing, whether it's schoolwork or training. I would also tell them to make the most of everything because, although remote learning is difficult and not the same as being on campus, it is necessary for us as students to succeed.

• Have you/How have you been able to keep in contact with your classmates/friends/teammates during this time away from campus?

I have been able to keep in contact with my friends and teammates through social media and texting and calling each other. I facetime my friends all the time to see how they're doing, and my teammates and I zoom pretty often to stay in touch and to do workouts!