Student-Athlete Profile | Tucker Booth '22

Photo by Matt O'Haren
Photo by Matt O'Haren

Today's student-athlete profile features men's lacrosse player Tucker Booth (Timonium, Md./Boys' Latin). Booth made a major impact in his rookie season and was off to a great start in 2020 before the season was cut short. He worked his way into the line-up, earning 13 starts in 2019, scoring nine goals and handing out nine assists. He helped lead the Red Devils to an 11-6 record and an appearance in the 2019 Centennial Conference semifinals. Last spring, he opened the season with six goals, netting a hat-trick in a win over Roanoke College in the Red Devils' final outing of 2020. He is spending this semester in Colorado and looks forward to returning to campus and rejoining his teammates on the field. 

We caught up with Tucker to talk about his decision to come to Dickinson, how he is spending the semester and how he has adjusted to remote classes. 

What made you come to Dickinson?
I'll always remember my first time on campus. The culture of Dickinson College was evident and proved to be one I could not be happier to be a part of. The opportunities as both a student and an athlete were endless, and Coach Webster made that clear. I was and am confident, that I will leave Dickinson College a better person than I was prior to becoming a Red Devil. 

What have you enjoyed most about being a Dickinson Red Devil?  
I have enjoyed the atmosphere at Dickinson College most. Many would support the fact that as you walk around campus, everyone is welcoming and most importantly, proud to be a Red Devil. The support system from the administration and coaches to the students is one I will always appreciate. In addition, Dickinson provides each student with the ability to pursue their passions and make change.

What are you doing to keep busy?
The pandemic has made the semester very interesting. During this time, I am spending two months in Breckenridge, Colorado with six other Red Devils. While we are away from Dickinson, we are making the most of our time and trying to emulate what we would be doing if we were on campus. Although classes are a bit earlier here, it is still exciting to be able to connect with professors and other students through zoom.

What do you miss most about not being able to play your season?
Having last season come to an early end was tough. I miss being with the seniors every day and I will never forget the looks on their faces when we found out the season was over. It has made me want to make the most of every second that I get to be a part of the Dickinson community. Competing everyday with my teammates is something I will always cherish and appreciate, and it was unfortunate to have the year end the way it did.

What do you miss most about not being at school/on campus?  
Again, the atmosphere and environment are what I miss most about not being on campus. Walking from class to class and stopping in the cafeteria was something I always enjoyed. Everyone at school makes each day as a Red Devil better than the one prior.

How have you adjusted to remote learning? 
I have little to no complaints about remote learning. I appreciate the work that the Dickinson administration has put into this change. I can't imagine the preparation it took for each professor and I absolutely give them credit for the positive experience.   

What advice do you have for incoming students (or other students in general) about remote learning and/or how you are training?
Two things. 1. Make yourself heard. I was very quiet during my first two semesters as a Red Devil and I believe that prevented me from connecting with other students and athletes. There is no reason to feel timid, everyone at Dickinson makes you feel welcomed. 2. Manage your time. Being a student athlete or a student alone, requires a lot of time dedicated to schoolwork. It is important to keep track of your schedule so that you don't fall behind and have free time for training or other hobbies.

Have you/How have you been able to keep in contact with your classmates/friends/teammates during this time away from campus?  
A simple phone call or text goes a long way. Checking in on teammates is an important aspect of playing for a team. The same goes for classmates. I believe it is important to connect with as many classmates as possible as you can learn just as much, if not more from them, as they can from you. It is also just another way to offer a helping hand or make someone feel more comfortable and welcomed.

Why are you Dickinson Proud? Why do you think more generations of student-athletes should come to Dickinson? 
Dickinson offers so many opportunities to grow as a person. From the classroom to the athletic fields, each mentor, coach, classmate, and teammate holds you accountable and makes sure that the experience on campus is one you will always look back on and admire. Life is exciting being a Red Devil, and I am Dickinson Proud.