Red Devil Alumni Spotlight | Chip Stoll '90

Red Devil Alumni Spotlight | Chip Stoll '90

As we continue with our Alumni Spotlight project we are diving in (pun intended) to the great story of Chip Stoll, class of 1990. Chip was a dominant member of the Red Devil swimming & diving team, who learned just as many lessons out of the pool as he did in it that still have a profound impact on him to this day.

Chip grew up in central New Jersey, attending Ocean Township High School and spent his summers in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. He spent his summers working for his father on the beaches as a lifeguard, and as Chip stated, "swimming became second nature to me." This is actually a job that Chip still does even to this day, assisting on the beaches and serving as a lifeguard. "It's pretty cool, I can sit and help," Chip said. "I am still certified and it turns out I can still swim, which is a very important part of lifeguarding," Chip said with a laugh.

When it came time to select his college Chip knew he wanted a school in the liberal arts and a place that was close but not too close to home. "I didn't want my parents stopping by on a Saturday morning just for fun," Chip said with a big smile. On his visit to Dickinson he met then Head Coach Joe McEvoy and from that point on knew he would not only be attending Dickinson but also swimming for the Red Devils. "Whether I wanted to or not, Coach McEvoy was going to find me and drag me to the pool," Chip stated.

Chip reflected back on his time Wearin' The Red and swimming for Coach McEvoy. He recalled all the life lessons that were taught to him but none more important than upholding your responsibilities. "I opened the pool four days a week for him at 6:00 a.m.," Chip said. "He would call the pool three of the four days a week I was there to make sure I answered the phone with his patented line 'it's a great day for a swim'...or he would show up just to make sure I was there and I always was." Chip was taught to be on time, and on time meant being early for everything from practice to work to class to meets.

Out of the pool Chip found a passion and interest in both mathematics and computer sciences, which helped him find what he wanted to do for his career. Upon graduating, Chip went to work for his alma mater in the computer science IT department before moving on to Monmouth University. Now at Thomas Edison University he continues to his work in computer science and has never left higher education. "I realized when I was working at Dickinson that the work I was doing was helping the people I went to school with do better in their education. The school I work at now is a public school and completely online, so the work I do now makes sure that the students have a good experience and reach their goals. That is truly really rewarding."

Whether it's helping students stay on line, speaking with the young lifeguards on the Ocean Grove beaches, or young Dickinson student-athletes, especially those in the swimming program, Chip wants to leave an impact on those he comes in contact with. "I was fortunate that I had people who offered that kind of advice to me. Now that I know what I didn't know back then and I know what they don't know and have been through those rough spots that a lot of them will go through, I can offer some advice and talk to them about those times and situations."

To watch Chip's exclusive interview with Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Administration click on the link below.