Red Devil Alumni Spotlight | Kevin Nathan '90

Red Devil Alumni Spotlight | Kevin Nathan '90

As we continue with our Alumni Spotlight project we turn our attention to both the Dickinson football and baseball alumni network and spotlight class of 1990 graduate Kevin Nathan. Kevin, now the lead anchor at NBC Connecticut, looked back on his time sat Dickinson as some of the most impactful years of his life from the lessons learned on and off the field to the friends he made and how those relationships are still just as meaningful and special today as they were all those years ago.

Kevin was born in Long Island, New York and lived there until he was 11 before moving to New Hampshire. He was introduced to football at an early age, beginning to play football at age eight in the Pop Warner leagues of Long Island and then just played pick up football in New Hampshire. "We didn't have Pop Warner in New Hampshire," said Kevin. He was quick to point out that the most important thing the coaches and leagues did for Kevin and his teammates was instill a love of the game that he has carried with him his whole life.

Kevin attended Phillips Andover High School, located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and through a chance connection with one of his coaches, Eugene Assaf, who was a 1984 graduate of Dickinson, and as Kevin said, "put that seed in my head of Dickinson." With that seed in his head Kevin applied to Dickinson as well as some NESCAC schools and 'was fortunate enough to not get in'. "Dickinson wasn't my first choice," Kevin said. "If I could go back and do it all over Dickinson would absolutely be my first choice but it wasn't then."

While at Dickinson Kevin participated in both football and baseball for the Red Devils and admitted he was even encouraged by legendary football coach Ed Sweeney to do so. "From a discipline standpoint, you learn how to manage your time," Kevin said. "Academically and socially. playing two sports was the best thing ever because it forces you to manage your time."

When looking back at his time playing football, Kevin was grateful and sentimental when speaking about his relationships with both, then offensive coordinator Darwin Breaux and his position coach Joel Quattrone. "Coach Breaux is an absolute class act and a wonderful man. They don't make better people than Darwin Breaux," Kevin said. "I loved him [Coach Quattrone] like a father. He set the bar high, instilled discipline, didn't play favorites, and was just a wonderful mentor."

The lessons Kevin and his teammates learned on Biddle Field and in the locker room from coach Sweeney have stuck with him even to this day. "I look at the success of my friends in medicine, education, business, their families, communities, and their faith," Kevin stated. "The common denominator in all of that is Ed Sweeney. These are guys who bought into that system and that discipline, and took those tangibles and applied them to life."

Off the field Kevin knew what he wanted to pursue as a career since a young age and that was to be a sports anchor. He majored in English, believing that writing was an extremely important quality but he also was and is a heavy believer in being a well-rounded individual and that was something a liberal arts education can offer.

Kevin's experiences here in Carlisle have helped shape him into the man he is today. He is a father of three, loving husband, and successful professional, who is proud to be a Dickinson graduate because of the friends he made, the men they are, and the men they have become. "Nothing is handed to them," Kevin said. "The commonality we all have though, is a great work ethic." A work ethic that was instilled in them from the moment they stepped foot on a small campus in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Capping a great career in football, he earned All-America honors and was a First-team All-Conference selection in 1989, helping lead the Red Devils to back-to-back conference titles as a junior and senior as the team posted a record of 19-2-1. They went 30-11-1 during his four years while he set a school record with nine interceptions, picking of three against Georgetown as a senior. He started every game in baseball during his four years, hitting over .300 in two seasons and .298 as a rookie. He was a three-year captain and earned an invitation to try out for the U.S. Olympic Team. 

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